lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Exhibition in London by Rotoreliefs team

El colectivo Rotoreliefs inaugura una colectiva en Londres, os dejo la invitación para la inauguración, así como los datos de la exposición.

Dear Friends,

Rotoreliefs team sincerely welcome you to our exhibition vernissage with multi-discipline live performing art - Spinning Tongues @ the Vibe Bar Brick Lane, London on Sunday 11th Oct, 11am to 5pm. The exhibition commissioned by Rotoreliefs will take place in the Gallery of Vibe Bar, situated in Brick Lane, one of the most culturally active areas of London. The show will have a 6 days exhibition from 11 to 16 October, and in which emerging works from different disciplines such as cinema, video art, installation, performance, sculpture, photography, painting, contemporary dance and music will be presented. Don't miss the great chance to meet all the artists who is going to present in the venue.

Facebook: Spinning Tongues

Artist image e-flyer

Artists list:
Minsup Song
India Ritchie
Isaac Cordal
Matthew Verdon
Ana Santibáñez Mtz. de Antoñana.
Matthew Appleby
David Handford (Ministry of Defiance).
María Iñigo Clavo
Genetic Moo
Lola Clavo
Mohanad Yaqubi
Áine Cassidy
Miguel Almagro
Jordi Cussó and Xim Izquierdo.
Yvon Jardel,and co.
Sai Hua Kuan
Paul R. Jones
Álvar Gallardo and Nuria Vela
Javier Chozas
Stephen Cornford
Mamoru Iriguchi
Hiccup Collective
Susana Manso and Marina Potok
Loop Ellington

Secretary and curator: José Ignacio Donoso,
Project and finance manager: Yu-Jen Lin,
Curator: Virginia Pablos,
Curator: Ana Santibáñez,

Rotoreliefs is currently running an exhibition which is going to carry out a multidisciplinary event where the disciplines are connected either by the concept or by the cogno-sensitive. The exhibition will be from the 11th to the 16th of October. It will be great honor for us to have your participation in our emerging art group exhibition.

The event contains selected visual arts, video installation, installation, performing art, and concert in the vernissage night. 80% of the wrist band sales on the door for the event will be divided up between the artists. The performance or installation pieces will receive a larger cut, however, all will depend on the turnout - the more people who come to the opening, the more money there will be to share out. Rotoreliefs will only hang on to 20% of the earnings to cover the costs of hosting the event.

We're looking forward to see you on Sunday.


The Rotoreliefs Team

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