lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Mis Vecinos/My neighbors

My house is red brick

It's an old house...
...and hasn´t got a lift.
My father always complains that the walls are made of paper.
I like living here.

An old woman lives on the ground floor.
She has a dog that barks a lot and a bird that sings nicely
She always turns the radio on full.
She must be a little deaf.
Sometimes she gives me candies when I see her.

On the first floor live some boys who are in college.
They are very nice.
Although sometimes they are very noisy.
Ms. Carmen always tells them off because of it.

A young couple live on the second floor.
But when they´re home, they turn up the TV very loud.

Like my parents do.
We live on the third floor.
My parents always tell me: "chilren should be seen and not heard" and that I'm too young to understand.
But I only wanted to tell you about my neighbors.

My neighbors upstairs, well...
I really like her, she always smiles at me.
But everyone knows that she isn´t happy.
Those noises are what we hear most.

They don't live here anymore.

* * *
(016 is the Spanish emergency phone number for reporting domestic violence)

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